About us

We are a new kind of conference company for a changing automotive industry.

The global automotive business is entering a new era. Everywhere we look, innovative vehicle and mobility concepts are emerging, driven by a complex set of environmental, economic and demographic factors and the convergence of some truly game-changing new technologies. Alternative propulsion and energy storage systems, greater sensing and computing power, the advent of the connected car and advanced new materials and production processes are revolutionising the car. They are also transforming the engineering approaches of OEMs and their suppliers.

The pace of technical change in today’s automotive industry is beyond challenging. Shorter development cycles, growing complexity, a more multi-disciplinary approach to product creation and feirce competition from emerging markets, make it vital for engineers and executives to stay informed and connected as never before. We all need to be exposed to the latest thinking, techniques and solutions. We need to understand what our competitors are doing; which academic collaborators could help us; how customer requirements are evolving and how governments plan to regulate our products. Above all, we need to invest in our relationships with existing and potential customers, suppliers and partners.

This new era demands new and better platforms for knowledge exchange and cooperation. We founded AKA because we believe the conference is still the best and most efficient platform for sharing technical knowledge and collaborating with peers. But while the automotive business has reinvented itself to become faster, more global and more inter-connected, we see too many conferences that have fallen behind.

We think this needs to change.

AKA’s mission is to bring together speakers who inform and inspire; sponsors who are eager to progress new thinking and audiences keen to discuss, debate and learn. We design our conferences with today’s technology imperatives in mind. Our agendas are set by the industry for the industry. We work with the most knowledgeable and well-connected experts in each of our carefully chosen topics to focus on applied solutions. Our management team has more than 50 years combined experience of creating and organising successful technical conferences, exhibitions and meetings for the automotive industry around the world. Acting globally is part of our DNA.